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Integrated Unit Term 1

I am learning to: Express my understanding of conflict.

Task: Make something to show what you know about conflict.

Before Learning

During Learning

After Learning

Student reflection  on learning
Now I think.......I can solve conflicts in the playground in different ways.

Art Term 1

I am learning to: ·     Paint a portrait of what I want to be when I grow up.
Success Criteria: ·     All facial features are included and size, shape, and position of features is correct.
Next Steps: ·     Draw facial features the correct shape

Writing Term 2

We read a book called 'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr Seuss. We used our Green Thinking Hat to write a creative story about what would happen if Thing 1 & Thing 2 (characters from the book) came to our house.

We are learning to:
Use the Green Thinking Hat (creativity) to write a story.

We can do this when we can: 
-Write a story that keeps the reader interested.
-Write in detail.
-Use interesting words.
-Publish our work carefully.

Student Reflection:
Something I did well: Capitals and fullstops.
My next step: Read on to edit my writing.

Term 1 writing

We are learning to:  Write a description
We can do this when we can: Use describing words Use our senses - looks like Edit our writing

Writing:  Using an animal skin we wrote a description of what a wolf looks like.
Next step:
Have a go at joining two sentences together.