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Athletics Reflection

I used a growth mindset when I failed the very first one at high jump, but didn’t give up and redeemed myself by jumping it and succeeding it on the second attempt. I stayed positive when I didn’t make it into the finals in short sprints,But I kept on cheering my friends and telling them not to give up.
I did not achieve my athletics goal which was to get into zones. I didn’t train that much so I didn’t get the result I was looking for. Next year I am going to train more and I am going to get into zone I know it.
I represented Miro(my house)in the house relays by coming 2nd for our house.
I think I did well at long jump because I tried my hardest and i didn’t give up.I know I did well because I jumped longer than I jumped last year. That is okay for me.  
The most challenging sport for me was high jump because I am not the tallest and I didn’t jump that high because I am not very good at it. I failed the first jump but I redeemed myself and jumped over it.
I am the most proud of discus be…

Maui Dolphins

What makes Maui dolphins different to other dolphins? Maui dolphins are a special type of  dolphin, they are the rarest dolphin around. Something that they have and other dolphins don’t have is their fin, their fin is different to other fins because they are lower and not as pointy.                                            
How old do Maui dolphins live for?The maximum Maui dolphins live for is 20 years old.Which is not that old.
What do Maui dolphins eat? Maui dolphins eat small fish and squid. They also dive for fish at the bottom of the ocean and they eat flatfish and cod. Maui dolphins spend a lot of their time making dives to find the seafloor to find food.
How many Maui dolphins are left? Today  there are only around 55  Maui dolphins in the world.There are 55 is well the are native to New Zealand and they are found there so there are roughly 55 in the world and New Zealand   in New Zealand.

What is the maori name for the Maui dolphin?The word maui comes from e Ika-a-Māui.The Māui…